Changing the face of Home Economics: Rebranding and Repackaging for New Insights and Male Inclusion


Home economics has its roots in education for life skills. The focus was for women to fulfil their roles as mothers and wives while providing possibilities for earning. This allowed women greater efficiency in carrying out their domestic roles while providing an avenue for greater financial freedom. The home economics course is widely viewed as a course for women. Young men are most times excluded as such a course presents the label of being too domesticated. This small scale exploratory research seeks to determine the needs of the home economics industry in regards to rebranding. I seek to identify strategies for its repackaging by way of curriculum overhaul, brand management, sensitization campaigns, and international certification. These objectives are intended to be achieved through collaboration with stakeholders in the vocation industry, curriculum consultants, and vocation specialists. Surveys and interviews will be used to collect data.

Keywords: home economics, rebranding, repackaging


Lola Bennett, M.A

University of Technology, Jamaica