Professional Certification is a stamp of approval from a professional body. It is based on educational qualifications and participation in professional development programme/activities. It encourages practitioners to remain on the cutting edge of professional practice. Get Certified, download our application form.


Who can apply?

– Members of the Caribbean Association of Home Economists Inc.

The Professional Certification Process

– Accumulate Professional Development Units (PDU)

– Obtain documents verifying the authenticity of the PDU

– Fill application form

– Send information along with a cheque for US $ 50.00 or discounted fee.

– Wear your pin with pride

– Proudly use the letters behind your name.

Other information

– List of PDU awards  and other information is available in members only area.

– The Certification fee is valid for four (4) years. It covers administrative costs, the initial certification pin, certificate and postage. Additional pins cost US $10.00

– Certification must be renewed every four (4) years. A new application is necessary.

– Activities for earning PDU will be retroactive to March 2005 and for five years prior to applications.

Certified Professional Home Economist (CPHE)
Earn 60 PDU in a four-year cycle.

Associate Home Economist (AHE)
If you work in an allied field but do not possess qualifications in Home Economics but have worked in Home Economics for over ten years.
Earn 60 PDU in a four-year cycle.

Trainee Home Economist (THE)
A student member who has earned at least 25 PDU per four-year cycle.


– Certified Professional Home Economist (CPHE) $50US.

– Associate Home Economist (AHE) $50US.

– Trainee Home Economist (THE) 20% of the full fee.

Download our application form here. Professional Certification Application Form FINAL


Audrey A. Jones-Drayton CPHE

Sonja Lewis POH, CPHE

Antonia Coward PhD. CPHE

Leonie Clarke PhD. CPHE

Geraldene Hodelin CPHE

Pauline Whiteman CPHE

Cecelia George Mc Wellington CPHE

Lucille Marcelle CPHE

Racquel Edgecombe CPHE

Maureen Ryan-Taylor CPHE

Michelle Guy CPHE

Noelene Osborne Kydd CPHE

Janice Maison POH,  CPHE

Beverly Allen CPHE

Anita John CPHE

Norma Washington CPHE

Marlyn Davis-Thomas CPHE

Erla Musgrave-Esdaille CPHE

Angela Graham Rudolfo CPHE